Harry Clarke Illustration

One of Harry Clarke’s beautiful illustrations for the works of Edgar Allen Poe. To see more go here. Click the image for a larger version.

The Jesus Centre is closed

Saw these today. The Jesus centre I liked because it had a ‘closed’ sign on it which just seemed at odds with the whole Jesus thing. Click image for larger

And then there’s the Jesus Army. For me, it doesn’t matter how many rainbows you paint around it, the name ‘Jesus Army’ just seems way too aggressive and so absurd. But then again, their van made me smile – which I imagine would please Jesus’ soldiers.


Graffiti seen on a tube station platform

Whoever did this graffiti does a lot like this at Kennington tube.

“Is this all the space I get in this poster What a whore this woman is”

Dadu Shin

Lovely illustration by Dadu Shin here

Turtle Island

I do not know who took this photograph or even if it a combination of two photographs but I want to be there. I have not been to an  island like this but I have swam in sea like that and saw a turtle like this swimming and it was a wonderous experience I wish to have again.

Frosty child

I like this photograph but I could not discover who took it. Photograph makes me want to be a child wrapped up and out playing in the snow.

Cute Purse

From here


Silly Batman

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